The First Homes scheme is now open for bids

The flagship First Homes scheme is now open for bids from house builders, getting first-time buyers and key workers onto the property ladder as we build back better.

  • Owning a home in your local area should not be the preserve of a small number of people, but a mainstream, realistic and affordable option for people across the country. 
  • That is why the government launched our flagship First Homes scheme earlier this year, offering homes at a discount of at least 30 per cent for local first-time buyers and key workers. It has now opened for house builders to bid for a share of £150 million by offering plots for sale as First Homes, with the aim of delivering 1,500 homes by March 2023. 
  • This will support communities and give people and key workers a greater chance of getting on the housing ladder and having a place to call their own as we build back better.


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