GCSE results


Congratulations to all the young people receiving GCSE results today – after an extraordinary and challenging year, each and every one of them should be proud of their hard work and achievements. 

Today young people collected their GCSE results with grades determined by their teachersy to reflect their abilities and potential, so they can progress to the next stage of their lives with confidence.

  • Young people have shown incredible resilience throughout the pandemic, continuing their education amid unprecedented challenges – and while there is no perfect replacement for exams, their efforts deserve to be fairly rewarded.
  • That is why after determining alongside Ofqual that it would not be fair for exams to go ahead again this year, the government put in place measures to ensure students received grades from those who know them best – their teachers, through a combination of mock exams, coursework and essays, with rigorous checks in place. 
  • There was no easy way to deal with this, situation but marks assessed by their teachers were mostly to give students grades which truly reflect their ability and potential, an thus help every young person progress to the next stage of high-quality post-16 choices available to them, and onto the future they deserve.


Anonymous said…
this is what we need another generation where everyone is better than average
Chris Whiteside said…
That's what they were trying to avoid, but imperfect as relying only on one form of assessment is, that was the least worst solution for this year.

Having to completely change assessment methods at the last minute as happened the previous year would have been a disaster: the Secretary of State had to give a reasonable amount of notice at the start of the academic year which is just finished how grades awarded in 2021 would be assessed, and it was impossible to be certain in the second half of 2020 that it would be safe to hold exams in 2021.

But it will be necessary to have a complete reset for 2022.

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