Clean energy from Hydrogen

The government has launched the UK’s first-ever Hydrogen Strategy, setting out plans to invest in clean energy technology and create more than 9,000 jobs across the UK by 2030 while keeping costs low for consumers.

  • Hydrogen energy offers a homegrown, low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels which could provide a third of the UK’s energy in the future, making it a critical part of our plans to reach net zero by 2050. 
  • That is why the government announced today the UK’s first-every Hydrogen Strategy, with plans to invest more than £340 million into the clean energy technology and slash the emissions of industries like transport, manufacturing and construction while keeping energy costs as low as possible.
  • These plans will kickstart a hydrogen revolution, potentially creating hundreds of thousands of high-quality green jobs as we move away from fossil fuels and we build back greener.

Also today on using Hydrogen for clean power, the government has announced the winners of a competition to deliver hydrogen transport trials in the Tees Valley as part of our commitment to delivering cleaner, greener and more efficient transport across the UK.

  • Innovative new technologies like hydrogen are critical to decarbonising transport and creating new jobs in our local areas as we continue to progress towards our net zero ambitions. 
  • That is why the government has been holding a £2.5 million R&D competition in the Tees Valley, of which the winners were announced today, that will lead to supermarkets, emergency services and delivery companies using hydrogen-powered transport to move goods and carry out local services. This will showcasing the  benefits from our rolling out the technology across the UK. 
  • These trials will spearhead the path to a greener future by developing the knowledge and expertise needed to roll hydrogen out as a fuel source across the UK while creating good-quality, well-paid, clean energy jobs in the process.

And a point for Cumbria - we'd have a better chance of bidding to host innovative trials like this if we, like Tees valley, had a Metro Mayor.


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