Protecting the world's oceans

The government has announced a £16.2 million funding boost for five programmes to protect the world’s oceans and tackle climate change as part of our £500 million Blue Planet Fund.

  • Our shared ocean is a vital resource and provides habitat to precious marine life, as well as supporting the livelihoods of one in every ten people worldwide. 
  • That is why the govdernment has announced £16.2 million in funding for the first five projects being supported by the £500 million Blue Planet Fund, including a new UK-led programme which will help developing countries partner with the UK’s world-leading scientists to better manage marine protected areas, and improve our understanding of the impacts of climate change and contaminants in the ocean. 
  • With less than 100 days to go before the COP26 conference in Glasgow, as global leaders in marine protection there is a need for ambitious action from all countries to restore ocean health and tackle climate change as we build back greener.


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