New restrictions in trade in shark products

The government has announced a new ban on the import and export of detached shark fins, and products containing them, helping to put a stop to this cruel practice as Britain continues to lead the world in ocean protection and conservation.

  • The cruel practice of shark finning is rightly banned in UK waters, but the trade continues, causing thousands of sharks – many of which are critically endangered – to die terrible deaths every year. 
  • That is why the government has announced a new ban on the import and export of shark fins and shark fin products like tinned shark fin soup, which will help to put a stop to the vile trade by removing demand for the products and send a clear message that the practice is unacceptable. 
  • Britain is a world leader on marine protection and animal welfare, and this unprecedented ban will mean that we are going further than any other country to stop shark finning and protect these magnificent creatures.


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