Next year's vaccine supply

The UK government has agreed a contract for 35 million more doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine which will help keep our nation safe from the threat of COVID-19 for years to come.

  • While the UK’s phenomenal vaccination programme continues to save lives, we are also putting plans in place to protect the country for the future too – whether that’s from the virus as we know it or new variants. 
  • That is why the UK authorities have reached an agreement with Pfizer to purchase 35 million more vaccine doses which will be delivered from the second half of next year, as part of our plans to keep the nation safe from the threat of COVID-19 and support any future booster programmes. 
  • Purchasing new doses well in advance and making the UK a global centre of excellence for vaccine research will ensure we can maintain our life-saving wall of defence from COVID-19 for years to come.


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