Quote of the day 4th September 2020

"There is a problem, but it is not simply that comedy is controlled by the ‘left’. It is that it is controlled by the ‘woke’: militant identitarians who despise Brexit, despise the ordinary people of this country, and see it as their moral duty to criticise and sneer. 

It is a great irony that so many identitarian comedians believe right-wing comedy is ‘punching down’ – what have they been doing for the past four years? 

Maligning ordinary Britons – accusing them of stupidity and prejudice while trying to neutralise their votes – is hardly ‘punching up’. 

Furthermore, people who believe everybody who disagrees with them is ethically repulsive probably aren’t the sort of characters you want in charge of a national programme-making machine."

(Tim Dawson, from an article on Spiked called "Woke Comedy is no laughing matter.")



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