Quote of the day 7th September 2020

"What seems to me the height of chutzpah is the Labour leader offering himself as a sound judge of character for appointments to high public office. One of the reasons some of us warned against electing Jeremy Corbyn leader, then against keeping him in the job, then against standing, campaigning or voting for his Labour Party, is that doing so robbed Labour of the moral high ground on every other issue. 

Sir Keir Starmer thinks Tony Abbott’s past makes him an unsuitable UK trade envoy? Wait till I tell you about the guy Sir Keir tried to make UK prime minister. 


I don’t know if Abbott will be any good as a trade envoy but I’m fairly certain Sir Keir Starmer is in no position to be setting moral parameters for such appointments."

(Stephen Daisley responds in the Spectator to Keir Starmer's hypocritical attack on Tony Abbott)


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