Monday, September 21, 2015

"A Very British Coup" - the response

I am pleased, and not at all surprised, that the MoD has moved quickly to slap down the unidentified "serving general" who was quoted in yesterday's Sunday Times appearing to threaten mutiny if any future Corbyn government attempted to implement measures which the security services thought would undermine national security.

An MoD source said

"These remarks are not helpful. No one thinks it is a good idea for a senior serving officer to undermine a potential future government."


Jim said...

"Jeremy Corbyn being elected is the end of the world" - But then I am not worried, not really, I expect to survive the "end of the world" as predicted in September, much like I have survived all the previous (and there have been many of them) ends of the world in the 40 years I have lived.

I tell you, I am so good at surviving "the end of the world" that I would be forgiven for thinking I am actually Immortal.

Chris Whiteside said...

Indeed. The world will end at some point - it might come in our lifetimes, it could come several billion years in the future, or at any time in between.

But so far people who claim to know when it is coming have had an exceptionally poor record of predicting it.

Of course the most idiotic of these were those who claimed to predict when the end of the world was coming from the Christian Bible. With those people, whether you believe in the Christian religion or not, you could be absolutely certain that they were wrong, and either frauds or complete and total nutters.

That's because Jesus himself actually says in the bible both that nobody, not even himself, knew when that was going to be - "No one knows the day or hour" - and that there would be false prophets who would claim to, and they would be frauds. So the idiots and fraudsters who claim to know from the bible when the end of the world was coming either hadn't read that bit or were hoping their listeners hadn't!