Monday, September 07, 2015

Jon Snow on the day Britain took 27,000 refugees

In 1972 the Ugandan tyrant, Idi Amin expelled the entire Asian population from his country. Amin gave the Ugandan Asians just 90 days to get out.

Ted Heath's Conservative government tried to find all sorts of possible places for those refugees to go. The Falkland Islands was even considered. Canada came forward to take some 6,000, other countries took small numbers, but in the end it was agreed that the great majority could come to  Britain, and they did.

I have met a number of families who came here at that time. Without exception they have been model citizens: law-abiding, hard-working, and very nice people. And grateful for the fact that Britain took them in. But you know what? I think we got the best of the deal.

Jon Snow writes about the story here.

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