Thursday, September 03, 2015

"Something must be done"

People often - rightly - point out the mistakes we made when we intervened in Iraq. But you can't have it both ways and blame everything on the West for both intervening in Iraq and not intervening in Syria.

Sadly, much of the protest is about as coherent as the person who sent four emails to an MP friend of Andrew Kennedy (not one of those he is agent for) which can be summarised as

1. It's a disgrace that we are not bombing the Islamic State.
2. Foreign aid to third world countries is a waste on money and should be spent on the NHS
3. What are you doing about the immigration crisis at Calais?

Then this morning (following the publication of that harrowing photograph of the drowned body of three-year old Alan Kurdi)

4. What are you proposing to do to help these poor refugees?

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Jim said...

Its something that is so often skipped over. People take an issue in isolation and never do think of the wider effects. The refugee/immigration issue is one such example, its actually a very very complex issue, and has roots which extend far beyond the borders of the UK. Push and pull factors, the entry to the EU rules, the assilum rules, which only apply once they have illegally entered, etc. Its a very very complex problem.

I commented the other day on one of my favorite topics (fuel duty) and how that is a far more complex issue than first assumed. But some people go to extremes of simplicity, usually without realising that which they suggest would on the whole make things much worse.

Chris Whiteside said...

Unfortunately that is absolutely true.