Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quote of the day 13th September


Tim said...

Labour now has a proper Lefty in charge - Can we now have some real Conservatives ?

Chris Whiteside said...

Ok Tim, I know what I think a Conservative is but there are lots of different views on what the term means.

I'm interested to know what you're getting at, and for that reason, not to score a point, I would genuinely like to know the answer to this question:

How would you define a "real Conservative?"

Tim said...

Someone who conserves things, compare Britain in 1965 to Britain in 2015. Would a real Conservative be happy with 330,000 in net immigration ? Would a real Conservative support the failed experiment in comprehensive education ? Would a real Conservative want to be part of the EU ? Would a real Conservative be against the punishment of criminals ? Would a real Conservative support "gay marriage" ?

Jim said...

Hi Tim, I was a member of the Conservative party at one point, not a member anymore, though I tend to walk a different path to all of the parties these days, which is ok. However I once did consider myself a real conservative and would like to answer your questions.

1. Yes, so long as it was required skilled workers, yeah happy here.
2. No, I support state education, Though i agree, its got its out of hand
3. No, I never did support the EU, but then, that is an obvious one for me.
4. No, Criminals have to be punished, I am against capital punishment as i think better options are available, but I do think prisons should be prisons, not hotels, and that sentences are currently too short
5. Yes, I cant see a problem with it myself, I choose not to do it because I am not homosexual, but I cant see why that allows me to object to someone else doing it - On that one, Less government interference on things that the government should not interfere with, is a very classical "conservative" stand