Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn's final group of voters

Scientists have found fifteen specimens of a new human species in a cave in Africa, where they may have been for up to three million years.

They have been named Homo Naledi.

And if they get their ballot papers in by noon today, they are just in time to vote for Jeremy Corbyn for Leader of the Labour party.

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Jim said...

I still remember how i found it amazing the day I learned the Neanderthals were not early "humans" as I thought of "humans" but in fact were an entirely different species of "human".

I found that really interesting, and it gets better and better as more and more human species are uncovered.

It always made me think, we (homo sapian) must be the bees knees to have out survived all competitors the way our ancestors clearly did, but then I see Jeremy and think, or maybe we just somehow got lucky, or unlucky however you choose to spin it.