Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quotes of the day 22nd September 2015

"These revelations will do far less damage to Cameron's reputation than Ashcroft's pre-election polling did to his."

(David Herdson on Political Betting.)

"It is in the book because Lord Ashcroft has made the (probably correct) assumption that the Prime Minister has more on his plate than to sue him for libel over an unprovable allegation from 30 years ago. Without any corroboration, his story is little better than playground gossip - if a journalist had published, his or her own reputation would be on the line. What all this say about Lord Ashcroft’s own reputation I will leave for others to decide."

(Ian Kirby, former political editor of the News of the World and is now Head of Media at MHP Communications, writing in The Spectator here. He makes the valid point that the rumours MPs tell about each other are extremely unreliable.)

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