Monday, September 07, 2015

The School run

Most schools in Cumbria started the autumn term today after the summer holidays today. (A few start tomorrow having had inset days today.)

My word, you can tell the difference in peak traffic levels ...


Jim said...

Usually the roads are a bit quieter when the schools go back, but I must say, I never really noticed much difference this morning or on the way home.

Chris Whiteside said...

At a guess, you probably went down to start work before the period affected by the school run and came back after it finished.

The period when there is a noticeable difference is about 8am to 8.45am.

Chris Whiteside said...

There will be more of an effect from tomorrow and more still on Wednesday because some schools had inset days today and start tomorrow, and some secondary schools phase the start of term with only the students who would once have been called First formers and Sixth formers (now known as Year 7 and Sixth formers) in on the first day

Jim said...

I fuss I am before and after those times :)

Was this a labour idea then? I mean that you start secondary school now in year 7 and finish in year 6.

I think labour learned to count in the same place the person responsible for numbering versions of Windows.

Jim said...

I never did get the year 7 - 11 thing, (i still say first to fifth year)

you see to start at year 7 makes no sense at all. not when you have had 7 years education before hand. unless the first year of infant school is now called Year 0.

Infant school is 3 years (we called them class 1, class 2 and Class 3,

then junior school is another 4 (junior 1, junior 2, juniour 3 and junior 4)

Now pay attention to this bit Labour (its important) 3 + 4 = 7. so to be logical you must start secondary school in the 8th year of your education (year 8)

however if that is too complicated we could always have infant 1-3, Junior 1-4, then 1st-5th year secondary, suceeded by college or 6th form, wow what a good idea that would be.