Saturday, September 26, 2015

Howgate Cumbria County Council by-election

A really great morning's campaigning today in lovely weather in Moresby Parks, Gilgarran and Parton for by-election on 15th October for the Howgate division of Cumbria County Council.

We had a strong team from Copeland out with our candidate Andrew Wonnacott and were also joined by several of our friends from Allerdale.

Out again this afternoon in an other part of the division.

Friendly reception on the doorstep, with my favourite comment being "You're very welcome, we're not Corbynistas here!"

The election was caused by the resignation of the previous Labour county councillor who is now MP for Workington. Besides the Conservative candidate Andrew Wonnacott there are also Labour and UKIP candidates.

I think this by-election is starting to look interesting ...

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