Monday, September 07, 2015

Quote of the day 7th September 2015

"If you are wondering why the Labour party is so berserk as to be contemplating electing a pro-Islamist Marxist as it's leader, you need to understand the utter revulsion the party feels for Tone and Cherie.

Never again, ever.

Not the illegal and catastrophic wars, not the fawning round vile dictators, not the desperate, almost atavistic money-grubbing - the copious lining of Blair nests.

Not the arrogance, either or the astonishing shamelessness."

(Rod Liddle, in yesterday's Sunday Times)

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Jim said...

Well, that could be a reason, but then,
Dont say I did not warn you

Before you go however, ask yourself honestly this simple question.

What do we need? what is the answer to this problem? - is it a leap to the Left, or does the answer lie more closely at home, something like this