Monday, September 07, 2015

Dan Hannan's questions for Jeremy Corbyn

Dan Hannan MEP had three questions for Jeremy Corbyn today.

He asked Mr Corbyn, have we got it straight that

1) Mining coal is good but burning coal is bad?

2) You support self-determination for Palestinians but not for Falkland Islanders?

3) You want taxpayers to be able to opt out of funding the armed services but not the trade unions?


Jim said...

The left are people who will argue its a great idea to pay someone to dig a hole, and then to pay someone else to fill it in because it creates employment.
that it does not matter what you spend money on as long as its spent, as it is that which helps and drives the economy.
To use Frederic Bastiat's example, that going around smashing windows is good as it creates jobs for window firms.

They are people who will argue (and somehow keep a straight face) when they say that someone who works and earns £100,000 per year should have most of it taxed away and it should be given to someone who won't work, as that is a "fair society"

Basically all of Dan's questions amount to the same thing, its a line i like to use a lot.

You keep what you earn, spend it as you see fit. I will keep what I earn and will spend it as I see fit. If you disagree please tell me how much of that which I earn belongs to you and why.

Chris Whiteside said...

That is a good line - and the state should only take what it has a cast iron case to take.