Saturday, September 05, 2015

Quote of the day 5th September 2015

"Mr Corbyn is a dreary thinker whose new ideas were old when he first had them 30 years ago. He rather touchingly said this week that there is 'a painter, a poet, a dancer in all of us.'[

Maybe so, but there unfortunately isn't a Prime Minister in all of us.

Mr Corbyn, should he win, will be an obviously transitional figure from the beginning. When it becomes clear that he is not a viable leader of the nation, the Labour party will cease to merit much attention ..."

"No, Mr Corbyn will not prove to be surprisingly good at the job.

No, he will not be David Cameron's toughest opponent.

No, his leadership will not be the prelude to an intellectual convulsion which shatters the Tories and makes British politics philosophically tidier.

No, he will not channel the zeitgeist of anti-politics ...

"The world changes but glacially .. even when the Labour party's doctrine is close to crazy, it's ethos is strong.

"Jeremy Corbyn's leadership cannot be bad enough to kill off the Labour party.

"...We are witnessing the prelude to paralysis. The Labour party is about to enter a zombie era in which it is too weak really to be alive and yet too strong to die."

(Philip Collins, writing in The Times yesterday)

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