Monday, September 21, 2015

Boa Constrictor still on the slither in Whitehaven

Warning to (insert name of person you consider a large rat here): stay away from the Kells area of Whitehaven.

As of 8am this morning Mufasa, an 8-foot Boa Constrictor, is apparently still on the loose in Whitehaven after slithering to freedom on Friday night from its' owners home in North Row, Kells.

"He usually eats one large rat a week," his owner told the News and Star.

So Jeremy Corbyn supporters can insert the name of a certain local MP in the space above, while to judge from my twitter feed at least some Tories, especially those who have seen today's Daily Mail, might have an alternative suggestion.

The snake is a family pet and escaped having been left for five minutes to soak in the bath while his tank was being cleaned. He appears to have escaped down the toilet, leading to this month's most cringe-worthy headline in a local paper, "Flush him out!"

Boa Constrictors are not poisonous, and are native to tropical Central and South America. They are excellent swimmers, but prefer dry land, living mostly in hollow logs and abandoned mammal burrows. So, joking aside, don't let unsupervised children go near rabbit holes or hollow logs anywhere near Kells until the snake is recovered.

A police spokesman said that

"The animal does not pose an immediate risk to the public. However if sighted, the advice is not to approach it it but to contact police immediately."

The number to call is 101.


Jim said...

Hmmmmmmmm. where does one find a snake that eats 2-3 seagulls per week? "Bath time Sammy"

Chris Whiteside said...

In view of the over-reaction to Graham Roberts' comments I'd better be careful how I respond to that ...

Jim said...

mmm, Probably wise.