Monday, September 14, 2015

Corbyn a "Catastrophe for Cumbria"

Local Conservatives have suggested that if Labour under Jeremy Corbyn were to win a general election it would be a "Catastrophe for Cumbria"

County Councillor James Airey, leader of the Conservative group on Cumbria County council, has expressed concerns about the potential effect of Corbyn's anti nuclear policies on the Cumbrian economy. He said that:

“We need to take the man very seriously and the threat to our national and economic security he poses is very real. Much of the Cumbrian economy relies on our strong nuclear industry and Jeremy Corbyn puts that under threat. Not only does it put the Sellafield site in jeopardy but also the proposed new Moorside site.

"Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion of reopening coal pits is barmy and will not make up for the loss of our much loved nuclear industry.”

Local Conservatives and the Labour MP for Copeland, Jamie Reed, are not often in agreement, but the local MP appears to share our reservations about Corbyn's negative views on nuclear energy, telling the Labour leader in his letter of resignation that

“Your opposition to this" (new nuclear investment) "is poorly informed and fundamentally wrong."

Ben Berry, Deputy chairman of Cumbria Conservatives, who grew up in Barrow, pointed out on his website here the danger to Barrow posed by Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to Trident - indeed, to any kind of strong defence for Britain - saying

“Barrow is a fantastic town which I owe many years of happiness growing up. But without the investment and jobs the shipyard brings Barrow will really struggle.

Cumbria Conservatives are writing an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to underline his support for the local nuclear industry

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