Wednesday, September 09, 2015

God Save the Queen - a life of service

At about 5.30 pm this afternoon Her Majesty the Queen passed the record set by her Great-Great-Grandmother Queen Victoria and became Britain's longest serving monarch.

If she lives to the same age her mother reached and does not abdicate in the meantime, she will pass Louis XIV of France in nine years' time and become the longest known reigning monarch of any country in the world, ever.

The most extraordinary thing about this very long reign is what an exemplary and consistent record of service our monarch has displayed from the very beginning of her time as monarch right through these sixty-three years.

Like Britain over those years, our Queen has gone through some very difficult times. Like Britain, she has come through them.

Those who have lived in this country over the last sixty-three years have been very fortunate in our monarch.


Jim said...

For a long time I had thought she would be the last. However, I no longer expect that to be the case. William and Kate have won over the public, so I can see that the monarchy is set to continue for another generation.

I think when the time comes, and I hope that is no day soon (don't get me wrong) there will be a huge pressure on Charles to pass and we will see the coronation of William.

Jim said...

but the best way for me to contratulate her maj is like this well done Ma'am

Jim said...

Save you the trouble, skip to 50 seconds in to that vid, that saves you the boring bits.

Chris Whiteside said...

Very amusing :-)