Sunday, September 27, 2015

Quote of the day 27th September 2015

"We've exchanged one loser for an even worse one."

(Peter Mandelson on Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn here.)


Jim said...

A politician could pick up on this pretty easily, you just spin it.

you see to be logical a worse loser is a person who is worse than the last at losing, so there for, logically they are less likely to lose. (being they are a worse loser) so they are more likely not to loose, and thus win.

Although it could also be spun to mean someone who is more of a "sore" loser than the last, as in takes defeat the wrong way and immediately sulks.

Jim said...

There are many people, Usually younger people I must admit, who dont seem to grasp the "double negative"

For example "you don't know nothing" obviously and logically means you know something, in fact the only thing we can be certain you do not know is infact nothing.

Its pretty much the same with the Quote of the day, you see if you have something that is bad, then to swap it for something that is worse at being bad is not exactly a bad thing.

Jim said...


I think I have spent too long in my lifetime writing computer code. That is how a computer thinks as well, they are very very logical, and that throws people sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Your interpretation of Peter Mandelson's comment is, in the words someone once used to describe computers or robots, "logical but not reasonable."

(I can't track down the quote but I think it might be Isaac Asimov)

Jim said...

Cant seem to find that one either, but I would agree that it sounds like the style of Isaac Asimov.

Chris Whiteside said...

Yes, I think it was.