Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Music to relax after campaigning (J.S.Bach)

As Copeland Conservatives are back in election mode -we have had several good campaigning sessions, this evening and earlier this week for the Howgate county council by election on behalf of Conservative candidate Andrew Wonnacott - I thought I would re-start on an occasional basis my "music to relax after campaigning" series of posts.

No sign yet of Labour or UKIP making any effort, by the way: many electors had noted that their polling cards had arrived and knew there was an election, but several have said to us "you're the only ones who've been round."

This is Bach's concerto in C minor for two harpsichords and strings (BVW1060)

And of course, we need consultant led maternity at WCH in Whitehaven and FGH in Barrow, so #SupportOption1

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