Friday, September 18, 2015

Howgate Division by-election

There will be a by-election for the Howgate division of Cumbria County Council on 15th October 2015.

The election was caused by the resignation of the previous Labour councillor for the area, which is just North of Whitehaven, following her election as MP for Workington.

There are three candidates:

Conservative: Andrew Wonnacott
Labour: Gillian Troughton
UKIP: Eric Atkinson

The Conservative campaign is getting under way and I greatly look forward to reminding voters of Distington, Moresby, Gilgarran and the other villages in the division that their Labour MP says that the new Labour leader's policies about the most important industry in our area are

"poorly informed and fundamentally wrong."

Needless to say local Conservatives agree that Jeremy Corbyn's policies are poorly informed and fundamentally wrong.

We will therefore be urging the voters of Howgate division, including any Labour voters who share their Labour MP's opinion about his new leader, to send that message to Jeremy Corbyn by lending Andrew Wonnacott their vote on October 15th.

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