Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quote of the day 23rd September 2015

"Jamie Reed hasn't just burnt his bridges with the new leader of his party. The manner of his publishing a resignation letter highly critical of his party's leader on social media about a minute into Corbyn's acceptance speech was more like dynamiting the bridges and smashing up the pieces with a sledgehammer."

"If, God forbid, Corbyn or any of his allies were elected Prime Minister during the rest of Jamie's parliamentary career, his influence on behalf of his constituents will have been compromised."

(Chris Whiteside, in discussion with colleagues this week.)


Jim said...

If, god forbid, Corbyn were elected as Prime Minister, then the constituents of Copeland would have far bigger problems than Jamie Reed's lack of influence on the West Minster bubble.

Chris Whiteside said...

Yes, I completely agree with you there.