Wednesday, July 06, 2016

May reaffirms that she does not want a "Coronation"

Despite her handsome lead over her rivals, Theresa May says she does not want a "coronation" in the election for the next Conservative leader and prime minister. In a statement, she also dismissed talk of tactical voting by her supporters in the second ballot tomorrow.
"I have been clear from the start: the party and the country deserve an open, honest, robust debate - and the next leader needs to have won a mandate to lead. So there should be no deals, no tactical voting, and no coronation."
Well, although this is not saying much, that does confirm that Theresa May has a far greater grasp of the principles of democracy than Gordon Brown.

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Jim said...

Its a difficult one this, to my mind she is the only reasonable candidate, she is the only one that is pretty much certain to keep the single market for the short term, which is so vital.

the risk of course is that she gets too comfortable in the departure lounge, and sees it as the end point.

Its tough only because there is not a better candidate on offer, would have liked Owen Paterson to have stood. But then he may be better placed as the "minister for Brexit" to be honest.