Monday, June 13, 2016

An endorsement some people did

Andrew Tyrie MP, Chairman of the Commons Treasury Select Committee which has worked hard to try to ensure that the debate on whether to remain in or leave the EU was based on accurate facts, has finally declared his own position.

He wrote in the Times that "There are no 'killer facts' in this referendum. It will be down to people's judgement on a balance of arguments."

After carefully assessing the arguments about the Economy, identity, and security,  - he will be voting Remain on the grounds that "Sacrificing influence and control is not a price worth paying."


Jim said...

Errrm, OK

Jim said...

Kind of like, "I have decided to get rid of my car, because I don't think the ability to drive to where ever I like, when ever I like, is a price worth paying" but never stating what you are gaining by paying that price by selling your car.

Chris Whiteside said...

If I understand his comments about a balance of arguments correctly Tyrie does think there would be some benefits from leaving but his article concentrated mainly on the arguments which persuaded him to vote for Remain - an economic hit, and loss of the influence he believes Britain does have within the EU.

I take your point that such an equation has two sides.