Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Quote of the day 15th June 2015

“That’s enough,” I thought to myself, “I’m leaving the country.” 

Not like one of those annoying celebrities who threaten to emigrate if a particular party is elected, I should add.  I am only going on holiday, but I can’t wait to escape this bloody referendum campaign.

The decision facing the country is of the utmost significance, and I have strongly held views about Europe. 

I have already voted to leave the EU, I think we should withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, and I am not altogether comfortable with our participation in the Ryder Cup team. 

So why does this campaign leave me feeling so frustrated, disappointed and worried about the future?

The short answer is that the referendum campaign is bringing to the surface everything that is wrong about our politics."

(The above quote is the start of an excellent article on Conservative Home by Nick Timothy, which you can read here, on why the "Political Rules of Engagement" in this country are not working well and how both referendum campaigns have shown it only too clearly)


Jim said...

Just a moment there Nick, no not trying to stop you, just thinking I am coming as well, we can go halves on the taxi to the airport.

Chris Whiteside said...

Worth a try!