Thursday, June 23, 2016

As the count begins

Polling stations have closed and all the ballots have been cast in the most important vote I expect to participate in during my lifetime.

Now we have to wait and see what the people have decided.

Thank you to all those on both sides who have campaigned hard for what they believed to be in the interests of Britain. And thank you to everyone who took the trouble to cast a vote.

There have been too many insults hurled at people on both sides and I hope we can stop that, rise above it, and work together to try to make the best of whatever people have voted for. Whoever is Prime Minister at the end of this year, I hope there is no "revenge reshuffle."

I had to make a decision and I voted the way I did partly because I believe that many of the things said by the other side were wrong. Indeed, both campaigns said some things which I think were wrong. That does not necessarily make them liars, certainly does not make them unpatriotic, does not make them racists, and does not make them stupid.

Above all, and whatever it is, let us all respect the decision of the people of Britain.

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Jim said...

Good morning UK. fine morning it is. Well done all.