Thursday, June 30, 2016

Quote of the day 30th June 2016

I posted the open full letter from Jamie Reed to Jeremy Corbyn begging him to resign as Labour leader, but in case not everyone found it easy to read, here are the opening and closing paragraphs as my quote of the day.

It shows how normal politics have been suspended that Jamie Red, who is the sort of Labour MP who you would absolutely not expect to do this, actually started and finished his letter with references to a Conservative prime minister which were almost complementary ..

"At Prime Minister's Question Time today an inexplicable development occurred whereby David Cameron spoke for the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs and Labour voters everywhere:

'... it might be in  my party's interests for him to sit there; it is not in the national interest. I would say "For heaven's sake, man, go!"'"

"In the hours after the EU referendum result, David Cameron recognised that he could no longer lead our country, his party, or his members of parliament. Consequently the Prime Minister demonstrated the moral courage, decency and integrity required of a leader by resigning his position.

You will never be the leader of our country and have no ambition to do so, but I now urge you to muster the necessary dignity with which to follow the Prime Minister's example and resign your position."

(Jamie Reed MP, Labour MP for Copeland, extracts from open letter to the Labour leader.)


A Heron's View said...

David Cameron the man who said he was not a quitter, has now gone back on his word and has quit.

Chris Whiteside said...

He has not yet quit, he has started the process of electing a leader to replace himself but he is currently still doing the job of Prime Minister, and further, he is not standing down as an MP so will still be involved in helping whoever takes over from him.

David Cameron didn't want Britain to quit the EU. Neither did I

But having nailed his colours so firmly to that particular mast, he took the understandable view that it would be better for the country if someone else headed up the Brexit negotiations which he so clearly didn't believe were the best course of action, but which a democractic majority has decided to start.

I don't think the best way to describe what DC has done is to say that he has quit, I think that a better description is that he has put the interests of the country above his own position as PM.