Monday, June 27, 2016

The irony meter is off the scale - 2

Now they tell them!

The Sun Newspaper campaigned for a Leave vote and congratulated British voters on the win for that side.

But the day after the vote they also published on their website a personal finances guide to Brexit which suggested the following possible consequences of the UK leaving the EU:

1. Inflation is likely to rise

2. The cost of an average family holiday will rise

3. Accommodation abroad will cost more

4. Beer prices will go up

5. EU caps on international calls will no longer apply, so it’ll cost much more to make calls in Europe

6. Unemployment will rise and wages will fall by up to four per cent

7. Mortgages prices will rise

8. Rates of taxation will increase

9. Benefit payments may be slashed

Needless to say quite a few of their readers commented that it might have been helpful to hear this from the Sun BEFORE the vote.

Don't know how long this will stay up on the Sun site but you can read here on the 'i' site that one Sun reader commented that

"To be fair the Remain campaign warned us of all this stuff. But everyone kept calling it "scare-mongering" and "project fear." It wasn't."

Daily Mail readers had a very similar experience from their newspaper after they had voted as you can read here.

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Jim said...

It was scare mongering, and still is. That is why Flexcit was written.

Flexcit is a bit like a run down the A595, it's not the smother road in the world, but it's not exactly armageddon.