Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Eight things Britain needs for Brexit to work

An interesting article by Lord Wood on the eight things which would be needed for Brexit to work at the Huffington post site here. He argues that the eight things are:

1. No capital flight in the weeks and months after Brexit

2. Securing a new trade deal with the EU

3. New trade opening up with the rest of the world

4. A deregulatory boost to UK investment and productivity

5. A significant decrease in immigration

6. Continuing cooperation with the EU in areas important to Britain’s national interest

7. No consequences for constitutional integrity of the UK

8. A public spending dividend for the UK from money released by Brexit

1 comment:

Jim said...

So he is arguing for the first stage of Flexit then, pretty much.

now you may be gearing up for a responce along the lines of "no because that fails demand 5." but you would be wrong, article 112 and 113 of the EEA agreement hold that.

mind you we not talking in the next few weeks and months, we are talking about the first few weeks and months following the 2 year negotiation time under article 50 TEU. Until then ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, changes.