Monday, June 20, 2016

Quote of the day 20th June 2016

"If you were about to get into your family car and drive at high speed on the motorway,  and the mechanic said to you 'The brakes are faulty, the fuel is leaking, don't get in that car,' you would listen to that expert. Would you take a risk with your family getting into a faulty car? You wouldn't do it."

David Cameron criticises the "Leave" campaign's making a virtue of ignoring expert advice in an interview with the Sunday Times.

He also dismissed the idea that "I ventriloquise everyone from President Obama to the Archbishop of Canterbury." 

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Jim said...

X is where we are now,on a bus constantly moving towards y

Y is ever closer union

Z is where we want to be.

"Jump off x and hope we crash land at Z" - This is what vote leave are saying

"Vote Leave idea is crap, let's stay on X" - This is what the PM is saying.

"There is a car on X which can be launched safely so long as we follow these instructions, it's well maintained, but we have to launch it properly. We then take this route (though other, slightly longer routes are included in case of road closures) and start driving ourselves towards Z" - That is Flexcit.