Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Calling graduates of Bristol University

Most of my fellow graduates of the University of Bristol will probably be aware of this, but just in case any who read this blog are not:

Voting in the Convocation & Alumni Association elections 2016 is now under way.
There are contested elections for
* Vice Chair of Convocation (the "Old boys and Girls" organisation which seeks to represent graduates of the university and bring them together

* three seats on the Convocation committee and

* 25 of the hundred seats reserved for graduates on Bristol University Court are up this year.

I am just coming to the end of my most recent four year term as one of the representatives of Bristol's graduates on Court (which is a sort of advisory board of governors) and am seeking re-election.

There are a lot of excellent candidates standing: as a result of having a surname beginning with "W" I find myself near the bottom of a long list of excellent people.

It has been my consistent experience over the very long period of time I have served on Court - I have now been on it for 33 years - that the representatives of Convocation have provided far and away the most constructive challenge to the leadership of the University as "critical friends."

The University does not need people who oppose everything or try to make trouble but it does need people who will ask the difficult questions, make suggestions and think outside the box. Convocation representatives have been very good at doing this, sometimes in very difficult periods for the University of Bristol, over the past 30 plus years.

Whether or not I personally am re-elected to Court I very much hope this will continue.

I hope any Bristol graduate who are reading this and have not already done so will take the trouble to vote and will bear me in mind.
You can vote online until noon on Friday 8 July if you have had an email from the University with your personal voting code of have otherwise obtained it from the Convocation office at the University: it is also possible to vote by post or in person at the Convocation AGM on Saturday 9 July 2016 in Bristol.
Bristol graduates wanting to attend the AGM have been asked to please register in advance.
The results of the elections will be published shortly after the AGM.
Good luck to everyone who is standing.

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