Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Tomorrow is polling day in the EU referendum - the most important vote most of us will have the opportunity to cast in our lifetimes.

Like everyone younger than their late fifties, I was born too late to vote last time Britain had a vote on whether to be part of what was then officially known as the European Economic Community (and informally a the Common Market) and is now called the European Union.

If Britain votes to Leave tomorrow, the decision is likely to stand for a long time and have major consequences  - and if we were to change our minds it is most unlikely that we could ever come back in under as favourable terms of membership, with the right to keep the pound, exemption from the Schengen area and from "ever-closer union" that we have now.

If Britain votes to Remain there probably will not be another referendum on leaving in my lifetime.

Whatever you think is the best option for Britain, please turn out and vote tomorrow.

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