Sunday, June 05, 2016

Flexcit gains some traction

Interesting article by Roland Smith at

He thinks the discussions in many quarters about what should happen if there is a "Leave" vote is moving in the direction of some sort of Flexcit route - EEA membership (Norway minus Schengen) in the short term as an interim stage prior to the negotiation of a bespoke relationship in the longer term.

He may well be right.

If this is correct, the proposals which the Leave side is saying about immigration could not be delivered in the short term, but the economic downsides to a Leave vote would be much smaller than Remain's "worst case" options.


Jim said...

A week or so ago I was convinced Vote Leave had destroyed any chance of a leave win in this referendum. Though this week, with the deployment of the "inner perimeter reserve". Aided by the poor quality of "remain", I have a small glint of optimism.

Timing is the thing, voting has already started, so it may be too little too late, or it could work being that most people vote on 23rd and tend to remember most recent things.

I only hope the light at the end of my tunnel does not turn out to be a Vote Leave train coming. With "we send £350 million a week" written down the side. :-)

Chris Whiteside said...

Indeed. I can't see how that line can have failed to hurt the people who used it - just as some of the more extreme exaggerations used or attributed to Remain have hurt them.