Saturday, June 04, 2016

If this isn't "Project Fear" I don't know what is ...

Both side have been guilty of a certain amount of scaremongering during the EU referendum campaign. Some of it, from both sides, has been justified. Some has been absolutely deplorable. If Nigel Farage really told the Daily Mail that "There will be bodies on our beaches" or anything of the sort that would be more deplorable than most.

There will be large numbers of both refugees and economic migrants attempting to come to Britain whether we are in or out of the EU. Most of those who are most desperate to get here will not be EU citizens and whether we are still members of the EU or leave will have very little effect on Britain's legal options with respect to refugees from, say, Syria of Africa.

Both sides have serious credibility problems with what they are saying about immigration. For either to pretend that a "Remain" vote or a "Leave" vote will be an answer to this incredibly sensitive and difficult problem would be, in my humble opinion, completely unjustified. 

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