As vaccination rollout continues to move forward:

The Health Secretary has thanked the public for their patience as the programme to rollout Covid-19 vaccinations continues apace, with over half of all over-80s now vaccinated, and set out three ways that everyone can contribute to the national effort - so that we can protect our NHS and our loved ones from the disease. 

  • After months of detailed preparations, rigorous scientific scrutiny, and an extraordinary amount of patience, Britain is are rolling out two highly effective vaccines - with a third coming soon - and are on track to deliver a vaccine to tens of millions of people by the Spring.
  • As Britain continues to ramp up our Vaccine Delivery Plan, with ten additional mass vaccination hubs opening today, the government is are urging people to contribute to the national effort in three ways: by helping people over 80 to access appointments; signing up to clinical trials that will help us defeat the disease and staying informed and sharing the latest official NHS vaccine advice.
  • The British public has contributed so much to the fight against the virus already, and by signing up to these three simple pledges, everyone can continue to play an important role helping us to defeat this disease, protect the NHS and save lives.


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