New Vaccination centres open

As mentioned in the vaccination update earlier today, over 30 new NHS Vaccine Centres are being opened this week to accelerate the biggest immunisation programme in the history of our NHS. 

  • As we fight against the Coronavirus pandemic and set out on a route to return to normality, vaccine centres, hospital hubs and local vaccination sites are enabling us to vaccinate as many people as possible.
  • 32 new NHS Vaccine Centres will start delivering life-saving Covid vaccinations this week, meaning there will be a network of almost 50 centres across the country. New centres include the Black Country Living Museum, a former IKEA store in East London, the Nightingale Hospital in Sunderland and the Blackpool Winter Gardens.
  • Britain's vaccine delivery plan has allowed us to make rapid progress in vaccinating the most vulnerable in society, but we must not drop our guard now and everyone must continue to stay home, save lives and protect the NHS. 
Remember: when the vaccination takes effect you will be at a lesser risk but it takes two to three weeks to kick in and does not make you invulnerable.

You will still need to follow social distancing rules to protect yourself and everyone else when you have had the vaccination until the pandemic is beaten and the rules can be relaxed.


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