Trudy Harrison MP writes

A message from Trudy Harrison MP, on her Facebook page, to parents in Copeland about the meal parcels being sent to feed children who would normally get free school meals (where the school is not sending a voucher with the cash equivalent)

"There are some shocking images of crap beige food being posted, allegedly to replace the meal a child would receive from their school if in receipt of free school meals and not getting vouchers.  

If your hamper lacks the DfE’s clear requirements please contact me at or call 01229 718333 and I’ll liaise with the school.  

Anything less is unacceptable to me and to DfE. 

Well done Andy Pratt Ltd. that’s what is expected."


Chris Whiteside said…
Postscript: see subsequent post "Free school meals must be of a high standard" posted 13th January 2021

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