Vaccination update 20th January 2021


Britain has administered over 4.7 million vaccination doses so far across the United Kingdom - to more than 4.2 million people - e.g. about half a million who have had both doses and about 3.7 million who will have some protection from having had the first dose once the effect kicks in after two to three weeks.

It is important to emphasise that having had one jab does not mean anyone can immediately act as if the virus has gone away - it takes time for the immunity to take effect and we all still have to be careful not to act in ways which might spread the disease to a vulnerable person who is not yet protected.


The NHS in England is vaccinating at a rate of 140 people a minute and we have now vaccinated more than half of of those aged 80 and over, and more than half of elderly care homes residents . 


Our priority remains vaccinating those in the top two priority groups. However, for areas where the vast majority of those cohorts have been vaccinated, they will now be able to move on to begin vaccinating the next two priority groups, including five million people aged 70 and over and the clinically extremely vulnerable. 


The UK has administered more vaccine doses than Italy, France, Germany, and Spain combined. 


The UK is the third country in the world for total vaccine doses administered, behind the United States and China.


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