Free school meals must be of a high standard

The government is investigating reports of sub-standard free school meals packages being distributed to families across the country and have demanded urgent answers from the suppliers.

  • The images circulated on social media yesterday were completely unacceptable and do not reflect the high standard of free school meals we expect to be sent to children.
  • Within hours of the images appearing, Ministers met with the supplier in question and made clear in no uncertain terms that their parcel was not good enough. They have rightly apologised and assured the Government that immediate action has been taken, and there will be no further deliveries of poor quality parcels.
  • As Trudy Harrison MP wrote yesterday in an FB post shared on this blog, we want to make sure free school meals are of a high standard. We will continue to demand that any caterers who are not meeting that high standard must urgently improve the quality of lunches they provide to eligible children – this will make sure every one of them receives a healthy, nutritious lunch that will give them the fuel they need to focus on learning at home.


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