Tackling drug crime

Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced a £148 million investment to deliver a system-wide approach to tackle drug crime, helping protect communities across the country from its devastating effects.  

  • The government is determined to cut crime and make our streets safer, and is adopting a system-wide approach to take firm action against the scourge of illegal drugs, so as to tackle one of the key drivers of the violence that devastates communities and robs young lives.  
  • Building on recent success in combating county line gangs, the government is making an additional £40 million available to law enforcement to dismantle organised criminal gangs and cut off supply, bringing the total amount of taxpayers' money invested to £65 million, in order to bring to justice the dangerous criminal gangs who exploit young people.
  • The government is also committed to providing positive help to people trying to get off drugs, hence the launch of the £28 million Project Adder, a new intensive and localised enforcement approach to tackling drug misuse. This brings together police, local councils and health services. At the same time the government is promising an additional £80 million to support people into recovery for drink and drug addiction – which taken together represents the largest investment in drug treatment and support in 15 years.


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