Tuesday music spot: Henry Purcell. Sonata for Trumpet & Strings in D major

Unlike yesterday's music spot this one really is by Purcell ...


Anonymous said…
no need for triumphalism at reaching 100k++
Chris Whiteside said…
I normally remove comments like the above but I decided to leave the comment immediately above this one up to show what kind of nonsense sometimes gets posted on this blog.

It was to limit the scope of exactly that kind of point scoring that instead of my usual policy of allowing comments on all posts I disabled it on the three posts following this music spot but then posted an "opportunity for comment" post immediately afterwards instead.

FWIW I often book the music slots in advance and did not know at the time I planned this music spot that we would pass the tragic milestone on the day it appeared.

However, I don't think there is anything particularly triumphalist about this particular piece of music - if I thought there was I would take it down.

I did consider the possibility, as an expression of condolences for those who have lost their lives, of replacing it wit the March from the music for the funeral of Queen Mary by the same composer, but came to the conclusion that doing something like that would be more likely to come over as morbid rather than as the mark of respect which would have been intended.

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