Review of Children's Social Care

An independent review of children’s social care has been launched today, delivering on the Conservative manifesto promise to look at the care system in order to make sure children and young adults get the support they need.

  • We want to tackle the problems that mean the children’s social care system is not always delivering a better quality of life and improved outcomes for those it is designed to help, despite the best efforts of hardworking and dedicated social workers.
  • Led by Josh MacAlister – the founder of social work charity Frontline – our bold and wide-ranging review will aim to raise the bar for vulnerable children. The review will reshape how children interact with the care system and will address major challenges such as the increase in numbers of looked after children, the inconsistencies in children’s social care practice, outcomes across the country, and the failure of the system to provide enough stable homes for children.
  • We want to radically reform the system and support the most vulnerable children so they experience the benefits of a stable, loving home – improving their life prospects and ensuring they are not held back from the futures they deserve.


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