Response to Flooding

Yesterday, the Prime Minister chaired COBR to help co-ordinate the national response and support communities at risk of flooding following heavy rainfall and has urged people whose homes are at risk to vacate their properties if they are advised to do so.  

  • The emergency services and the government are doing everything possible to ensure we are totally prepared for the risk of flooding across the country, which can cause misery and stress for communities already suffering under Covid-19, and have been clear that people temporarily staying with family or friends due to flooding will not be in breach of the lockdown rules.
  • The Prime Minister yesterday held an emergency COBR meeting to ensure plans are in place to mitigate any damage and protect homes, and we are working around the clock to support the Environment Agency who are on the ground now working with local partners and stand ready to respond to any flooding.
  • The government has invested record amounts in new flood defence schemes, better protecting hundreds of thousands of homes – with a further £5.2 billion of investment already announced – but regrettably it is impossible to eliminate the risk entirely and people should be in no doubt that the Government will stand behind them through this difficult time and ensure they have the support they need to recover.  


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