Reforming Mental Health

Britain's mental health laws date from the 1980s and in many ways are out-of-date and not suited to modern British society,

So today, the government is announcing major reforms to the Mental Health Act to give individuals more control over the services they receive, delivering on the commitment in the Conservative manifesto to improve people’s experience under the Act and ensure their care and treatment works for them.

  • People too often feel disempowered and excluded from decisions about their care in a mental health crisis, which is why at the last election we promised to put patients at the centre of decisions that affect them, as part of our plan to drive parity between mental and physical health support.
  • Set out in a White Paper the government is publishing today; our reforms will lead to greater choice and autonomy for patients who experience a mental health crisis and ensure services better meet the needs of people with learning disabilities and autism. They will also ensure the Act is used in the least restrictive way, so that patients get the care they need to recover.
  • This is a significant moment in how Britain will support those with serious mental health issues which will give patients more autonomy over their care and end the disparities in how people access services, in particular for people from minority ethnic backgrounds, for good.


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