Protecting our NHS

On Wednesday the Prime Minister warned that our NHS is facing enormous pressures from the new variant of COVID-19. 

This week, tragically we recorded the highest daily reported number of fatalities from Covid-19 in our fight against this virus since it first appeared almost a year ago. So health experts and the government are once again urging the British people to stay at home and save lives.

  • Our NHS is facing perhaps the most dangerous situation anyone can remember, and as the number of cases continue to rise at alarming levels, many hospitals around the country will be in real difficulties soon if we do not stop the virus in its current trajectory. 
  • In this perilous stage of the pandemic, we must all play our part by following the rules to help save as many lives as possible. Although we are all tired of living under restrictions, now is the moment we must find our collective resolve to support our NHS through this critical moment by following one very clear message: stay at home, protect the NHS and saves lives. 
  • Unlike last Spring we now have a clear way out, but as we roll out the largest vaccination programme in our nation’s history, none of us can allow these hopes to make us complacent in our continued fight against the virus.


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