Vaccination update

OVER 4.2 MILLION vaccine doses have been administered so far throughout the United Kingdom

They have been administered to 3.8 million people, four hundred thousand of whom have now had the two doses required for full protection..

The NHS in England is vaccinating at a rate of 140 people a minute and has now vaccinated over half of all over 80’s.

More five million people aged 70 and over, as well as those listed as clinically extremely vulnerable, are now being invited to come for vaccination.

The UK has administered more vaccine doses than Italy, France, Germany, and Spain put together.

Comparisons between several UK regions and other entire countries show how we are leading the way:

Here in the North West Region alone, more COVID vaccination doses have been administered than in the whole of France (and the South-West can say the same.)

The Midlands Region of the UK alone has administered more vaccines than the whole of Canada – so have the North East & Yorkshire.

The South East has administered more vaccines than France, Portugal and Sweden combined.

London and the East of England have each administered more vaccines than the entire country of Mexico.

Britain is making excellent progress in this vital part of the battle to end the pandemic.


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